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Thursday, 19 July 2012

How To Hide A File inside a picture ( gif, jpg, png) anything (trick) ?

How To Hide A File inside a picture ?

Hello Friends, Blogging Stream is again with this awesome trick. Have you ever wonder how to hide a file or folder inside a picture. Isn't it amazing? Yeah It's amazing. I will teach you this awesome trick. First of all note that this is for educational purpose only.


1. First Of All Make a File, .rar, .zip anything you want to hide in a picture.
2. Download a picture of any format. In this picture you will hide you secret thing! "Note that picture and file you want to hide should be in a one different folder". 
3. Now go to start menu and type 'CMD' and hit enter.
4. Now in CMD type the address of the folder in which your secret  file is present to hide like
 ex. C:/need2explore
5. Now let's take my picture name as cow.jpg 
For hiding a file into that picture I will have to type this in cmd
"COPY /B cow.jpg + .zip secretcow.jpg"
A new picture will be created named secretcow.jpg
If you will open with Winrar or extract with it the hidden file will be extracted!

Note- That you have to type your picture name and your folder address to in which secret file is present.

To Understand More Clearly Here Is the video.


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