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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Free Intro maker For Your Videos

Here My Frieds,

I didn't posted something new since many days. But, here it is :) So, you want to know about how to make free Intro for you videos well I have a site for free intros. by the way, most of the templates are for money but some are free and those are great :D Well if you want better intro videos you must pay money to get it.

And here's the site :-

https://www.flixpress.com (many good and free templates)

Well go on that site and register you account and make a free intro video. It takes nearly 5 mins to make a video. And it will be in your account for 10 days then it will be automatically deleted and you can make as much videos as you want. So Enjoy and don't forget to spread this blog :)

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