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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

5 Best Tips to Stay Healthy

Health, What do you mean by Health? Is it staying fit and active? or Just keep working?
In Simple words Health is being fit and active. Like you sleep it effects health. If you eat, it effects health too. We are surrounded by activities that effect our health on daily basis. Like we sleep late night and wake up late it's causes health problems. We eat very much chocolates it's also effect health.
So the question is in this day to day activities which effect our health on daily basis, How to stay Healthy? Well, I am here to provide you 5 very useful Tips to stay Healthy in your life.

Eat Breakfast Everyday

Breakfast, you will be thinking why breakfast is useful for staying healthy. Of Course it is. When you wake fresh in morning your body need energy to work whole day. A Healthy breakfast is a must. People who eat Healthy Breakfast are known to be healthier than people who skip their breakfast. Healthy Breakfast can help to control overweight problems too. You should eat high Fibre meals in breakfast like boiled eggs, yogurt, cereals, low fat milk.

Brush up Everyday

Many people don't brush properly everyday. Yeah but it's not good. Teeth are basic part of our body. Without teeth you can't eat properly. Brushing properly reduce chances of getting gum problems and all. Brushing twice everyday will be great. After you eat some particles of food get stuck in your teeth and it's very hard to remove. If food particle stays in your mouth for long it can cause tooth decay. That's why it is advised to Brush twice daily. Brushing is different and Brushing properly is different. You should Brush your Teeth properly.

Drink Heavy Amount of Water Everyday

Water aka H2O. An adult should drink 4-6 litres of water everyday. Water helps to purify, and helps to keep your body running whole day. You should decrease consumption of soft-drinks and Alcohol. soft-drinks and Alcohol can be harmful to your body and can make you lazy. In long run you should carry water bottles of your own or Energy drinks or Fruit Juice. Water help to get rehydrated very soon.

Go out for a Morning walk Everyday

Yeah we all know how busy an adult's life is. But Morning walk is very useful for health. Morning walk lighten up your mind and freshens the mind in morning. Morning is the time when we wake up feeling lazy. Go out for Morning walk not on walking machines. Going out in park for walking help you to breath Fresh air. Breathing Fresh air help to fight breathing problems.

Calcium up everyday

Get calcium as much as you can by drinking lot of milk, eating yogurt. Most of the kids nowadays have calcium deficiency. Calcium healp to keep you strong. Calcium deficiency can cause your bones to become weak and not getting regenrated. You all may know that after the age of 30 bone density decreases. Eating up food which are rich in calcium can help you to fight these problems.

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