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Sunday, 11 May 2014

5 Tips To Help You Stop Snoring

Snoring, A Big Problem?

Snoring, A Problem well not for you but problem for your family , wife or kids who are sleeping in your room. Yeah A big problem. If you going through this problem I am gonna provide you 5 very useful tips that will help you to stop snoring.

Why Snoring is bad?

As you know it causes problem to those who are sleeping in your room. Snoring sound is so high that it disturbs everyone except you and many people think that it's bad habit to snore at night.

What health related issues may cause if you keep snoring regularly?

Heart Problems : Many People who are snoring at night are found to be have High Blood Pressure Problem because snoring strains your heart. This will Increase chances of Heart Attack, Enlargement of heart or stroke
Not Getting Enough Sleep : Snoring may cause you getting limited sleep and feeling drowsiness during the day time. Feeling drowsiness at day time isn't good for health too. It can also wake you up at midnight or you make wake up very frequently during your sleep.
Breathing Problems : Well you may all know that basic cause of snoring is not getting enough breath. Snoring can cause breathing problems too as path of air gets blocked and you open your mouth to take air.


1. You Should Sleep on your side, as it collapses the tongue and muscle in your throat hence restricting you from snoring.
2. Use Nasal Spray to get temporary relief from Nasal Congestion. Nasal Congestion will force you to breath from your mouth as path or air get blocked.
3. Avoid Consuming Alcohol, 4 hours before going to sleep and avoid cigarettes too.
4. Being Overweight can also cause snoring. So it is advised to keep a health and regular diet. This will also decrease health related problems.
5. Use higher Pillows, it helps you by supporting you neck and keep open path of air to travel.

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