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Monday, 12 May 2014

5 Useful Cydia Tweaks for iOS 7

After Evasion Released Jailbreak for iOS 7. It's in fire! Many people are searching for new and better tweaks for iOS 7. Well iOS 7 got style yeah it's still little buggy but it looks good.
Why People want to Jailbreak their iOS?
Answer is simple, they want to modify the OS in their way. Apple doesn't give much flexibility in modifying something. Apple Restricts most of the thing from it's users, well yeah their first concern is privacy but users want their OS to look better or awesome...
By Jailbreaking iOS, Users get much more features new things apps, themes and many more.

5 Useful Cydia Tweaks For iOS 7


iFile is a File Browser and manager of the files in OS. You can access any file in your OS. The best feature it got is that we can copy, cut, paste any file and even make a new folder anywhere. You can even edit files. iFile also help you to find something, like you made a folder and forgot where it was iFile will help you to find it.

Icon Tool

Icon Tool Another useful tweak if you got iFile. This will help you to open directory of any app you have installed on your OS. There is a option for backup too. Like if you are playing game. Then you back up it. After that that game get's corrupted. you can backup the save game you stored in Icon Tool. Isn't it awesome? It Also comes with option of deleting cache files. Cache Can Eat you space as people visit large amount of web pages daily. You may rename the app too through this.

Swipe Selection Pro

If you type in your OS regularly, This tweaks is for you. if you are typing and wrote something wrong ways before. Then you can swipe through what you have written and go directly to the portion what you have mistaken. If you use Messenger or Facebook app to chat and all you gotta need this tweak it will very useful.

iCleaner Pro

iCleaner Pro is used to scan you device and check for unwanted files which you device doesn't need That are eating up memory like cache files. It will scan you device and will automatically delete unwanted files and will respring yoor device to function better than before. It's a very good way to free up space, I use this once a week and it's deletes unwanted files of nearly 300MB every time. You gonna love this tweak.


As you know the new feature in iOS 7 was Control Center. Then of course there will be a tweak released to edit that too. Well Here it is, CCControl Allow you to modify Control Center. It has many options to add. It very easy and very useful.

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