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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Best Free Apps for iOS

We All Know many good apps are not free. Well here is the list of best Free Apps I found in iOS.

Converter Plus

All in one converter that can convert length, currency, temperature, volume and many other things. It's very useful if you are an Engineer. It Also help to convert all types of currency. Go one download this all in one utility app


There are plenty of things toy need to transfer from you device to computer. Dropbox is totally free and easy to use. Drag you files on your computer and sync them. This app will enable you too access them from anywhere, anytime.


Skype is an alternative to Facetime. But if wanna contact you friends and he doesn't have Mac or something facetime won't allow you to video chat. So skype comes here. It's better you can video from anywhere to anyone. Enabling skype account to make free call to other skype user is very cheap. It also good for iPod touch user as it enables them for video chat too.

Adobe Photoshop Express

If you love to edit pics then this app is for you. This App is Absolutely Free and Easy to use. This app allow you to crop photos, exposure adjustments, color effect, sharpening and many more you can use to make you pic good.


This app is like magic. When I first used it i was confused that how could an App can determine songs name just by listening to them. Just hold you iDevice near to the song playing then click on shazam it will automatically determine then song name and everything youtube link artist name album name everything you want. It Free and very Easy to use.

Find My iPhone

Safety Players Out there, This app should be in every device. You just need to sign up and make account then if you device may get lost somewhere you can just find the location in 10 seconds. It very easy to use and best Thing is that it's free.

Google Translate

There are many people you know on facebook from all over the world. This is the time when this apps come to use. There are many different languages all over the world and it's very hard to know every language. Just use Google Translator to translate a Language to your language. It very easy to use. You just need to copy the text and paste it then select in which language you want to translate. Done Very Easy and Simple.


If you are a reader then you must need this app. This app Got all latest news and stuff from everywhere. I am sharing my personal experience. This app is great. You just need to choose the topics of your interest then it will show many articles about that. Latest news and all. Very Good App For the Readers out there.


Laughing is good for health. So here it is an app which will relief your stress and will make you laugh. 9GAG is full of memes. Memes who doesn't like to read memes. They are funny and all. I love to read too. It's very easy to use and you will find millions of meme.

Calorie Counter

If you feel like you need to cute down some calories then this app is for you. This app is well designed and have millions of food items listed in it making so much easy to input what you eat. Very Simple To Use.

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