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Friday, 16 May 2014

'BreakFree' App Tell About Your Smartphone Addiction And Helps to Control It

Nowadays, People are so addicted to smartphone that they leave their daily routine and keep texting someone or chatting with someone all day long.

This app helps to calculate how much time you spend on a particular app like you are engaged with an app for too long. You can check your stats about how much you use a particular app for how much then it tell your addiction score.

Not only this, BreakFree also let you set schedules for sending automatic messages, disabling data connection, rejecting call, sending message that you are not available and many more. This app can help you to reduce your addiction to smartphone.

Nowadays, many kids sit at home and keep doing something on their smartphone, they are with their family all day long but don't spend time with their family. Spending time with families is must for kids. It teaches them value of a family and many good things. Smartphones can ruin children life. Children should use smartphone but they shouldn't get addicted to it. Get BreakFree App and give a break to yourself and your family members and Enjoy every moment of life
BreakFree App is Available on Android Through Google PlayStore and it will soon Come To iTunes
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