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Thursday, 15 May 2014

'Cider' Runs Native iOS Apps on Android

Students of Columbia University have developed Cider. This helps to run iOS Apps in Android Device. the 6 students were involved in project demoed cider on Nexus 7, which is able to sun iOS Apps along with Android apps.

The Project is still going on and the performance is not good as expected. It's not running as smoothly as expected. iOS uses better graphics camera and bluetooth support to run apps but cider isn't supported to do this much so it's doesn''t run much smoothly
The Project need more complex solution to run iOS apps on Android Smoothly. Cider isn't available yet to other mobile users yet. Running iOS Apps in Android because both of these are designed differently and are made to run differently. Both need different system to run different graphics to run and all. We will see if this will possible after they have completed this project. Stay Tuned for more updates.
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