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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Disadvantages of Sugar

Sugar, We all consume sugar in some type or another. Like in Tea , Milk even in Vegetables there some amount of sugar present. We Consume so much sugar everyday, but did you asked o yourself that is it good or bad for health? Well I am here to tell you some disadvantages of consuming lot of sugar everyday.

Disadvantages of Sugar

Dental Problem

Everyone of you knows that Sugar Negatively Effects you Dental Health. When you eat sugar it sticks to your plaque then it creates acid which causes tooth to decay. Many Doctors Advise to eat food with less sugar quantity and Brush your Teeth Twice Daily.

Immune System Problem

Research Found Out That Sugar Can Effect Immune System for 5 hours after you eat. Eating too much sugar can block Immune system to work properly. Reports show us that only 12 ounces of soda can reduce Immune systems ability to fight germs.

Blood Pressure

Excessive Consumption of Sugar can lead to High Blood Pressure. This results when someone eat excessive fructose. This is different that glucose. This is cause of High Blood Pressure. Sugar Also Raises insulin level which causes diabetes

Sugar Causes Glycation

Once Sugar Get into your bloodstream they find something to get attached with like protein or fat. This is known are Glycation. This produces toxic compounds which enhances aging process in your body. So you should eat less sugar.


Consuming food with high amount of sugar and calories can cause diabetes. It increases the amount of sugar level in your body which lead to rise in insulin level in your body. At top most stage it can cause up diabetes too.

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