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Thursday, 8 May 2014

How to Change Facebook Username After Limit Reached (Trick)

How to Change Facebook Username After Limit Reached?

Well, That's the trick of course.. anyways try it on your own risk :) Follow the steps below if you didn't understand then watch out the video below.

Why Facebook Restrict People to Change Username Again And Again?

It's Because of Security Purpose. Many people make fake accounts with fake name and all. To Reduce risk of getting someones personal data and hacking they restrict to change username more than once.

How to Change username?

• First Log Into your account.

• Then Click on Create Page

• Choose Category as Public Figure.

• After Creating Page click Edit page and then Update Page Info.

• Then Click Facebook Web Address. Then Click Change the web address.

• Change page Web Address to your Username, It will ask you to transfer Username from your Profile to your page click Transfer.

• Then Go to your Account Settings.

• Click on Username.

• Now you can change your Username. Enjoy :)


This Tutorial Was For Educational Purpose only. Don't Over-Exploit Facebook's Changing username limit. If you keep changing your Username then it will be permanently restricted and you can't change through this trick then Thank you.

To Understand better watch the video down below.

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