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Monday, 5 May 2014

Ninja Saga An Online Game

• Ninja Saga Game or Manga?

Haha, just kidding.. Ninja Saga is An Online Game on Facebook. Go on Try it.. I'm sure you gonna love this game.

• About

Well I am sure you all would be aware of Manga Naruto Shippuden. Hmm If you love to read this manga or watching anime then should try this amazing online game known as Ninja Saga. It's on Facebook actually. This games helps to explore Ninja World :P This game provides every single thing which a Ninja Requires like Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu and many more. Since, I'm playing this game for 1 year I consider this game as wonderful to understand all about ninjas.

• Premium Player on Ninja Saga

This games provides more features to Premium player. Premium Player can get 50% off in Limited Items and may create upto 6 characters. Premium Players get so many features like they get 10 tokens everyday. And can learn ninjutsu Instantly and many more. So if you gonna play this game I suggest you to become premium player too. Even I am a premium player

• Ninja Saga Clan War System

This game also provides Clan War System. Single Season of Clan war held for nearly 1 month after that Immediately next season gets started. They announce results in mid of next season of clan war as then need to check all activities of all clans to make sure that no clan is hacking to win. Clan Rewards in this game are really awesome. Since I am playing this game from last year I got some clan reward and they are really awesome.

• Ninja Saga PvP System

Btw this game also provides PvP, aka Player vs Player Battle Live. You may fight any player from the World at real time. This will test your skills and all. Well if you keep loosing matches you should not be disappointed because many old players got clan rewards and is gives a great advantage over the player who didn't got clan rewards ;) and some Limited skills too. you should enjoy every single moment of the game. Loosing is further step in process of winning :D.

• Ninja Saga Support System

And the support system of Ninja Saga is great. They really listen to the players what we want. And they share our PvP Videos and they are so interactive. They Helps to solve every problem. The most great this about them is they reply so fast in that day only. :D They also produce their own Manga which we can read through their official Ninja Saga Page on Facebook.

• Ninja Saga Anti-Hack System

Holy God, Ninja Saga has one of the best Anti-Hack System of online games. For e.g. We can create a secure code for our Ninja Saga Account. If you have give password to someone he can't delete your Ninja Saga Character or something else without that code. Ninja Saga Developers are very active. If you tell them about bugs or something in the game they reward us too. Anyways If your Ninja Saga Character has been deleted you can contact to recover too they will recover as soon as possible. They ban every hacker they found in game. No need to wonder.. this game got 0 tolerance policy for the hackers.

• Conclusion

In the end I am telling you all that you will be loving this game. This game is great for Kids as well as for mature people. But Demerit about this game is that Premium User gets much more benefits than Free user. If you gonna play this game make sure you become Premium User As soon As Possible. There are events going on every time. Like Thanks Giving event, Easter Event, Sakura Event, Anniversary event. And through this they give us many good rewards. There is a pet system which helps you in battle among the game. Try this awesome game Now ;)

Ninja Saga Link

• https://apps.facebook.com/ninjasaga/ - Ninja Saga (English)

• https://apps.facebook.com/ninjasaga_zh - Ninja Saga (Chinese)

• https://apps.facebook.com/ninjasaga_es/ - Ninja Saga (Español)

Ninja Saga Fan Page

• https://www.facebook.com/NinjaSagaFanPage - Ninja Saga (English)

• https://www.facebook.com/NinjaSagaFanPageZH - Ninja Saga (Chinese)

• https://www.facebook.com/NinjaSagaFanPageES - Ninja Saga (Español)

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