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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Remove All Deactivated Accounts From Your Friends List in Facebook with 1 click

Hey Guys, I know How Annoying it is that we have Many Unknown Friends and many of them got Account Deactivated, Then At Certain Point Facebook doesn't allow us to Add More Friends. But I know a way to remove all Inactive friends in 1 click. It's 100% Safe. The Script has been designed by Khalil.

Actually It's A Chrome Extension. It will automatically detect how many friends have deactivated account and will remove it. It will also show you the list who got removed.

Here are the steps to Use The Extension

Extension Credits : Khalil
1. You need Chrome because this Extension is Available in Chrome.
2. Go here and Install this Extension Install Extension

3. Go To Friends Page on Your Facebook.

4. Click This Icon on Top Right Corner As Shown in This Image.

5. Wait And Extension will do it's work.
6. After Some Time It Will show you the names and Link which were removed from your Friend List.


If you Use This Extension it will like Khalil Page and share Khalil's Page but you can Go To Activity Log and Dislike and Delete the shared page.

Thank You For Reading. Kindly Share And Tell Your Friends Too.

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