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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Top 5 Games on iOS That You Should Try

Yeah we all know that there are lots of games available on iOS. Some like Racing or Adventurous or Arcade or Scientific Games. Well There are some games which all will like. So this is my Top 10 Games that I like and I know you all will like it too ;)

1. Walking Dead : The Game

The Best Game Ever I have played on iOS. This Episodic game got 5 Episodes and have touched hearts of million players around the world. This Game is based on the Famous Comic The Walking Dead. This Game Adapts by the choices you make in episodes and also effects the next episode of the gaming. The Story is simple, Main Character is Lee Everett. He Was a Convicted Murderer. When he was on his way to Jail Zombie Apocalypse occur after that He finds a Little girl named Clementine. The whole game is based on how to survive in that unforgivable world and saving clementine too. This game is so interactive and heart touching. We keep meeting new people who are trying to survive in this game. This Game teaches us how to be helpful and how to be fast in decision making as in game there will be hard choices to make. I recommend you to try one of the Best Game of TellTale.
Download Walking Dead iOS
Note :-
Only First Episode is Free. All other episodes are available to buy through in app purchases.

2. Ridiculous Fishing

It was very addictive game. When i downloaded this game and tried, my reaction was omg it's so awesome. I was so addictive that I kept playing whole day.. lol. In This game we need to catch as much fish as we can and sell them. There are many types of fish and many types of places where we can get fishes. Different Places will give us different type of fishes. We need to get money so that we can upgrade our things and all. Actually it's a great time pass game. If you are on long drive then you can play and time pass. We have to explore new types of fishes and new places. Overall It's a great game
Download Ridiculous Fishing iOS

3. The Wolf Among Us

Another Game By TellTale. Well they are really specialized in making episodic game. Another Episodic game after Walking dead. This Game Deals with Fairy Tales Characters. Main Character Big B is an Police Officer. His Friend Called him about some Incident happening in his house. Then he Finds A girl. After that He returns to Headquarters. After sometime Big B founds the Beheaded Girls Head.. and body was nowhere to be found. This Game is based on the Investigation done by the Big B and his Partner Snow White. This Game is really very interesting as we explore the world of fairy tale and their characters. This Game Also Consists of 5 Episodes. You all should try out this game.
Download The Wolf Among Us iOS

4. Impossible Road

Like The Name.. This Games really seems to be Impossible. Actually very addictive and interesting. In This Game I survived maximum 40 seconds only. It's hard but once you gain control then you can survive much longer than that. This game is all about how far you can take the ball. Road become very curvy sometimes then very thin and all. This game is very challenging. I am sure you all will love it.
Download Impossible Road iOS

5. Circadia

One of the best Games based on physics laws. Very Challenging, Interesting, Time Pass Game. It's Easy At the beginning but as you go it becomes very tricky and hard. Who doesn't like Physics? And There is physics in the game. Whole games is based on timings and trickyness. Well go on and try this too.
Download Circadia iOS

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