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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Benefit of Sports And Why Sports is very Important in our Life

Why Sports is very important nowadays?

We live in a world where we need to work whole day. Then we come home tired eat dinner then watch TV then we go to sleep. And next day this repeats again. This is the story of mos of the people who are working. Only Sunday is the day when we get some free time we take rest spend time with our families go for picnic. By doing all these work we get so much tired. Sports considered as best way to stay active and fit. It keeps out body strong, flexible. Increases our stamina and all. But how are all these important to us? Well these are important we work a lot and get tired. By playing sports we can increase our stamina and we will feel less tired. Sport develop our body to a certain limit. We become more active by playing sports. Playing sports burn out fat too so be have less chances to get obese. It helps to maintain health. Increases muscular power.

Why Sports is essential for children?

Nowadays, So much technology and now all kids sitting in their home all day along online on social networking sites. Playing online games, Watching TV and all. This causes children to become lazy and less active. They live in virtual world nowadays they don't know to whom they are chatting or texting and they consider them as thier friends. Are they really friends? 6 years to 16 years is a life phase when a child should be more interactive and exposed to the world because it's the world where he need to survive all day along not in virtual world. Sports increases interactions mind power, blood circulation which are very important for children.

Benefit Of Sports

• Physical Activities are found to reduce stress and depression. It Lightens up our mind.
• People who play sports are very fit and have very less chance to be overweight in comparison of people who don't play
• Sports helps to develop teamwork and leadership skills which are very important in our life long.
• Regular Exercise increase quality of life. Help to increase out life span.
• Sports increases self confidence and awareness.
• Sports is a great way to interact. People who may feel lonely sometimes but through sports they me cheer up and enjoy the life.
• Sports help an individual to learn to be discipline.
• Children who play sports are know to be a quick learner.

So Encourage yourself and you family members to invest some time on going out and play sports. It's Enjoyble decrease loneliness, depression. Increases leadership qualities and many more. Stay Fit and Active.

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