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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

SEO Nature Blogger Template

This Blogger Template Is Great and Beautiful. It's SEO Friendly and looks beautiful. This Template is Free To Subscribers of my Blog.

Features Of This Blog
  1. 2 Coloum
  2. Right Sidebar
  3. Auto Read More With Thumbnail
  4. Beautiful Navigation Menu
  5. Good Looking Search Bar
  6. Subscription box with hover effect
  7. Cool Popular post widget
  8. Scroll to top button added with css fade effect.
  9. Numbered page navigation
  10. Sharing bar added at left with best css and mouseover effect
  11. Center Blogger Header (For Images)
  12. Social media subscription widget added below post title.
  13. IntenseDebate Already added.
  14. Social Sharing Button above comment Form
  15. Meta Tags Added
  16. This template is SEO friendly 
  17. Fast loading speed of 2.77s
  18. Navbar Removed
  19. Each post is separated by doted line.
  20. jQuery Latest Version Ready ! 
  21. All browser Support
  22. Minimum use of CSS and Javascript code by which blog loading speed become faster.
  23. Meta Tags For Every Post 
  24. Free Download But You Need To Subscribe
  25. Purely Premium No Other Blog Link Added
Extra Screen shots of This Template

Subscription Widget
Comments Section of The Blog
Sharing bar added at left with best css and mouseover effect

Social Media Button Above Comment Form With Css Effect 

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Floating Vertical Bar With Share Buttons widget by techiterian

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