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Monday, 9 June 2014

Tips to Get Google Adsense Account Approved

Hello Guys, I am gonna tell you how you can get Google Adsense Approved faster. When I stared blogging I thought that Google Adsense will approve any blog. But no, when I submit my Application I got rejected then I also searched web about how to get Google Adsense Approve. Well most of them didn't helped.
But Now I got Google Adsense Approved. I got approved within 3 tries only. Wanna Know how?

1. Write Quality Post
I started this blog by posting some random things about games, computer, tricks. Then I started posting about technology. There was a sudden Increase in my traffic. Yeah, most of the people love reading about technology. But I could write only upto 100-150 words but no worries, even someone write short post and your own not copied from anyone and unique as well as latest information then you will get traffic automatically.

2. Make Your Blog Popular
Even If you are new to blogging, you can still make your blog popular by posting unique and new things. This is the time when new blogger needs to do hard work for writing unique content. People like to read something new and unique which they have never read before. If you get 100-150 views daily then you are ready to Apply for Google Adsense

3. Stick to your Topic
Google will watch out what is your blog about and what you are posting. Like, your blog is about Sports and you are posting about Food then you will be rejected right away. Topic is very important, know your knowledge well and then choose about what you want to post about. This will get you Approved faster.

4. Minimum Post Before Submitting Google Adsense
When I submitted my First Application for Google Adsense they replied to me saying 'insufficient content'. At that time I had 20 posts in my blog. I got disappointed but then I kept writing regularly. There is no limit of Minimum Posts, but you should have 38-40 posts on your blog to submit application.

5. Post on Regular Basis
Google Adsense consider this very seriously. They see how much you are engaged to blogging. You should post regularly about your topics. What you like and tell them your life experience interact with your audience.

After You are done doing this Submit your application, most probably you will get approved like I got.

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