If You Have Knowledge, let others light Their candles At It. Margaret Fuller
To Know What You Know And What You Do Not Know, That is True Knowledge -Confucius

About Me

Nitish Kumar Started this blog in 2012. He wanted to explore what he like to do and show it to everyone. He is very friendly person. He is a student and part time blogger. He is beginner in writing blog as, he have recently created this blog. he is Passionate Blogger. He is studying in CBSE school Class 11th Science stream. His idea is to develop everyone's knowledge. He Loves Science and Computer. Apart from it He Likes to Play Football. After his High School Nitish Wants to be Engineer. He has some backup plans too, as he is interested in computer he can do MCA and take blogging as profession.

About The Page

Nitish started this blog in 2012. He wanted to explore the knowledge he had so this is how the blog got it's name. This Blog is about technology, entertainment and about science and trick. He has much interest in science so he will be posting about science too. As for now he post about technology and tricks. Nitish Got inspiration from Indian Bloggers.

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